The Growth Journal – Morning Serenity: A Guided Meditation for a Positive Start

The Growth Journal – Morning Serenity: A Guided Meditation for a Positive Start

Starting your morning with meditation is sure to lend peace and ease to the day ahead. In fact, research shows that during periods of meditation, even as little as a few minutes a day, you experience decreased stress, increased energy, improved memory, higher efficiency, along with many more benefits mentally and physically.

With these benefits in mind, it is a no brainer that the first episode of the Growth Journal Podcast is a peaceful meditation session with host Lynz Floren as he walks you through a tranquil visualization to lock in positive emotions to carry through your morning.

While you can certainly meditate on your own if you are experienced and comfortable, sometimes our minds are our own worst enemy and clearing space for positive thoughts can be harder than it sounds. I love starting the day with a calm guided meditation to get out of my own head and into a mindset ready to take on the day, especially if I am crunched for time. It could not be easier to fit in a good meditation in as little as four minutes. And, if you have a little extra time in your morning to carve out for yourself and your mental well-being, you can elevate your meditation experience by journalling before or after to reflect on your feelings and emotions in the Growth Journal – a guided journalling experience to help you in your growth journey.

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