Affirmations & Intentions with Kirsten Ebey

Affirmations & Intentions with Kirsten Ebey

In the ever-evolving journey of self-growth, the power of affirmations and intentions cannot be overlooked. These simple yet potent phrases often serve as a compass, guiding us towards our personal and professional goals and keeping our actions in line with the person we desire to be. When we consciously affirm our intentions, we create a level of awareness and positivity that can help us sow the seeds of growth and lock into a positive mindset.

Combining affirmations and intentions with the practice of journalling can also amplify their effect. Journalling offers a personal space for us to reflect on and document these affirmations, making them more tangible. Over time, the practice of journalling your affirmations as well as speaking them into existence with yourself can help cement the beliefs into your mindset. Having your journal to come back to may remind you of goals you once forgot, or allow you to reflect on how you may have outgrown some goals and give you the opportunity to update them to meet where you are at currently. As we evolve and grow, our journal becomes a testament to our journey, our challenges, our wins, and a reminder of the power of positive intent.

You may find at first that you feel a little silly or out of your comfort zone with saying affirmations, such as Kirsten’s favourite one:

“Money flows to me easy and effortlessly”

Kirsten reflects on a time when this statement felt foreign to her, but after repetitive practice in saying phrases like this, it has now become a part of her where she believes wholeheartedly that it is true.

If you are only just beginning on your journey of reflection and growth through the use of affirmations and intentions, start small! A good place to begin is on a path towards self-love and acceptance. When you believe in yourself, it is much easier to believe that you are worthy of your goals and dreams. If you need a little guidance to get started, look no further than the Growth Journal Book for guided journalling prompts, meditations, reflections, and much more.

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