Finding Sanctuary: The Importance of Alone Time

Alone time is often overlooked, but it’s incredibly vital for personal growth. It’s in these quiet moments that we can truly tune into our thoughts and feelings. This solitude allows us to better understand ourselves, offering an unfiltered view of our wants, needs, and areas where we can grow. It’s also the perfect time to practice self-care activities like journalling or meditating.

Consistently showing up for yourself through activities like journalling and meditation can help us process our experiences, understand our emotions more deeply, and set intentions for our personal development journey. So, remember to carve out some alone time in your schedule. It’s not just ‘me time’ – it’s an investment in your growth.

Finding your sanctuary can happen in various spaces. Choose wherever you consider a safe space. Some people find sanctuary in the gym, processing emotions and feelings through physical exercise. Others, like our guest Tori Forte, find sanctuary in a clean and peaceful home environment.

“Finding alone time for me, is finding a place that is aesthetically pleasing for me. It is a clean space, with not a lot of clutter. Whether that is clutter in noise or just stuff around. Somewhere where I find control.”

Regardless of your preference, choose a space where you feel in control and can release thoughts of other tasks.

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