Lynz has been a tremendous help in helping me navigate how to get my podcast, Mouthful with Shanti, on its feet. Coming into the podcast industry with no previous knowledge, Lynz was super helpful and patient with explaining the necessary steps to take. He was encouraging when I presented him with things like logo art, theme music, and content ideas while at the same time providing me with constructive feedback. Honestly, I don’t know how I could have started Mouthful with Shanti without him!!

Host of Mouthful with Shanti podcast

Through my work with GNP, the process, from recording to distribution and promotion, has become real and professional. It's not just a podcast and it’s not just about me. It has become a high-quality production that really showcases the incredible guests I feature, who are all doing groundbreaking work around skills-based hiring and education.

Let's Talk About Skills Baby

When we approached Lynz, we really just had a kernel of an idea. We knew we wanted a podcast to help launch our book. We also wanted an engaging way to inspire people to check out the Catalyst community overall. Lynz and the GNP team had great questions... the podcast turned out to be a great companion to the text. GNP also created custom music for the pod that we absolutely love!

Catalyst Constellations

Before GNP my podcast was a "back of the napkin" idea, not a reality. It was clear that I’d be more impactful with professional support, and I also knew that my goal wasn’t just about making a podcast. It was about creating a narrative to seed a movement. Something that GNP completely got. They’ve helped me understand that the medium of podcasting isn't just about an interview – it’s a chance to craft a narrative, tell a story, and build community.

Parenthood Incorporated

They were there for us every step of the way, and then some. Coaching us through the recording process, helping us get the podcast onto our website, and making sure it sounded really professional. With GNP’s comprehensive support, we developed a solid baseline to build on for future seasons. Lynz and GNP made us feel like we were their only client. We’ll definitely be recommending them to anyone looking for an excellent, creative way to promote their organization's work.

Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out.