A Look Inside the Growth Journal: Workbook Preview & Discussion

A Look Inside the Growth Journal: Workbook Preview & Discussion

Are you looking to break out of repetitive patterns and embrace your self-growth journey? While there are many ways to jump into the journey of your personal growth, journalling is one of the best ways to truly reflect on yourself and your past, as well as visualize and manifest the future. This can come hard to some of us who are not familiar with always putting our feelings into words. Does this resonate with you? Well, don’t worry! Not being familiar with the process of reflecting and writing should not hold you back from beginning your journey of journalling.

Guided journalling is a wonderful way to learn the process of journalling and give you suggestions and guidance of topics to reflect on, and it has been an invaluable tool for us at Growth Network Podcasts in not only our personal life but in mapping out our work lives as well. We are obviously very driven by growth here at Growth Network Podcasts – so we are giving back through the Growth Journal and Growth Journal Podcast in order to help others realize the strength of a growth mindset and guiding you through it with not only written guidance but audio as well to round out the experience for all learners!

In the second episode of the Growth Journal Podcast, GNP team members Lynz Floren, Brianna Jovahn, and Aubrey Allen reflect on what growth means to them and the ins and outs of their personal growth journey’s. In this authentic and vulnerable conversation, we are taking you through the workbook and giving you a sneak peek into the exercises you will experience and the benefits to the reflections throughout the book by discussing our own experiences and visions for the future to give you an idea of how you can utilize these exercises for yourself.

In the workbook, you will discover different tools for personal growth and your feelings towards each tool such as learning, therapy, coaching, workshops, relationships, listening, etc. After answering questions about each tool, you’ll find sections to reflect on the tools presented and discover what tools may work best in your life to put into practice. There are also sections to visualize your future self through visual mind-maps, which are proven to help with improving creativity and make it easier to retain information. Throughout the Growth Journal Book, you will find sections corresponding to the Growth Journal Podcast episodes to give you an engaging audio component and allowing you to gain insight into the topic from experts.

The value of the Growth Journal Book stands on its own, but is compounded when combined with the podcast to give you multiple avenues to calm the mind and engage with your emotions while journalling.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the Growth Journal Book and Podcast and how they can fertilize your growth, check out “A Look Inside the Growth Journal | Workbook Preview & Discussion” Episode and don’t forget to order your Growth Journal Book on Amazon today to get started!

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