GNP Top 10 Moments of 2023

GNP Top 10 Moments of 2023

This year, we worked on a lot of great content. Not only did our clients produce a bunch of engaging and thought-provoking episodes, but we also created our own webinars, shows, and podcast episodes. As we reviewed the projects we’ve touched, we realized we had enough for a proper top 10 list, so we picked out our favorites from the past year to highlight. Check them out for yourself!


GNP Webinar

How Marketing and PR Agencies Help Clients Win Big with Podcasts

January 27

We kicked off 2023 with an informative webinar – based on our experience and research in the podcast industry – to share how useful podcasts can be for agencies who need to help their clients make a bigger splash.

Our GM, Lynz Floren, co-hosted along with Trent Anderson from Podchaser, and they addressed the upsides and downsides of:

  • starting a podcast for your client to host
  • getting your client to be a guest on podcasts
  • using other people’s podcast content to build your client’s credibility

The info is still relevant, and you can go back and watch the free replay via this link:


Human Capital Lab

Straight from 2 CEOs – Highlights from last season’s most popular episodes

May 17

In the first season of the Human Capital Lab podcast, back in 2022, we interviewed all types of Learning & Development professionals, but we uncovered some unique insights in the two “Straight From the CEO” episodes that deserved a little extra attention. This episode not only captures guests ​​Avi Kahn and Mike Cassling’s best sound bites but also shows how two leaders can have shared and differing perspectives depending on the issues at hand.


GNP Office Hours

Building a Podcast Process tracker with featuring Kirsten Ebey

April 5

Having Kirsten Ebey on your webinar guarantees that you’ll not only receive a ton of valuable info about project management, but you’ll also have a great time in the process. That’s why our GM, Lynz Floren, invited Kirsten to come to share the power of for building a podcast process tracker. Fun was had by all, and thus, a sweet piece of content was born.

Watch the full video to learn about how to set up your own podcast tracker. 


Inside West Point – Ideas That Impact

Retaining Good Talent Through Inspiring Leadership: A Discussion with Colonel Everett Spain

October 4

This was the most popular episode in 2023 for our brand new podcast with West Point, and it confirms what we have always believed that creating a positive culture of leadership not only makes an organization great but also makes for meaningful and engaging content.

The Kenny Aronoff Sessions

Steve Lukather | #009 The Kenny Aronoff Sessions

July 13

If you know anything about music, you’ve heard guest Steve Lukather on guitar and host Kenny Aronoff on drums a million times. They’ve been working on hit records for decades! Listening to these 2 guys talk about their careers is such a treat, especially since they so clearly bring out the kid energy in each other.  Check out the episode here: Steve Lukather | #009 The Kenny Aronoff Sessions

Our GM, Lynz Floren with (left to right) Kenny Aronoff, Anna Maria, and Steve Lukather


Rediscovering Debbie Campbell

Who was Debbie Campbell?  – [Series Prologue / First Episode]

June 19

We’re lucky to have this one-of-a-kind story on our plate here at GNP. Imagine finding 100+ audio tapes in a cupboard, all relating back to the fascinating musical history of a regional icon. That’s what happened to our very own Lynz Floren as he began to uncover the long history of his stepmom’s musical career. This first episode is enough to get you hooked, and soon, you’ll be clamoring for the next one.

Pace Yourself, Not Race Yourself

Mixtape: ADHD – a conversation with the creative team behind the InnOvoT Collection

May 5

This show comes as a part of Manny Jackson’s sustainable fashion project, which combines fashion with sustainability, mental health awareness, digital art, and even the blockchain. Manny’s company Threadhaus created the InnOvoT Collection to highlight mental health issues while creating vibrant wearable fashion that comes from repurposed materials. Each piece is unique and authenticated via RFID tags and NFTs. This is truly a groundbreaking endeavor, and we’re here to help tell the story with mixtape podcast episodes featuring Manny himself.

Mission Megaphone

From Observation to Activation: A Leadership Journey with Mariah Rankine-Landers

September 28

We created Mission Megaphone to build a stage that we can share with people who are doing good work in the world. This year we expanded our vision with guest host Jenny Vazquez-Newsum, who, in conjunction with the launch of her book Untapped Leadership: Harnessing the Power of Underrepresented Leaders, interviewed 10 leaders from various backgrounds and experiences. This episode features a conversation with Mariah Rankine-Landers, an educator and consultant who released her book Do Your Lessons Love Your Students? this year.


From Idea to Launch: Create and Grow Your Podcast Vision

6 Week Podcast Course


In 2023, we launched our first course. It was a 6 week course designed to help anyone through the basics of making their podcast come to life from scratch. We had a small but mighty cohort who went through the course and gave us feedback that it was super helpful for them. We’re now working on getting video modules up to allow folks to work through the content on their own timeline. We’ll share a link for that once it’s up real soon!


Five Star Podcast Journal

Available on Amazon

March 15

We’re always taking notes on the podcasts we listen to, so we designed a journal to help us do just that. And then we realized we could make that design available on Amazon and the Five Star Podcast Journal was born. Priced at a reasonable $6.99, it’s a great gift for friends, loved ones, and business associates who talk about podcasts a little too much.   

 Buy Your 5-Star Podcast Journal Today

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