Congratulations, Human Capital Lab on your Davey Award!

Congratulations, Human Capital Lab!

We don’t seek out awards for our content. We just support our clients and help them create the project that will satisfy their goals.

And it seems that doing that is award-worthy!

Read about the Human Capital Lab’s 2023 Gold Davey Award

We’ve had the privilege of working with Zaiss & Co. to develop and produce the Human Capital Lab for Bellevue University. To get the ball rolling, we agreed to make a 12-episode season featuring interviews with CEOs and leaders talking about the power of education and linking personal fulfillment to corporate productivity.

We’re working on Season 2 of the podcast now, adding video episodes and extra promo clips to the mix as we develop an ongoing regular release schedule.

As we’ve worked on this project, we faced something that many of our show’s guests have faced in their companies and organizations: turnover.

Since the end of our first season, we’ve seen new faces at all levels:
A member of our production team found a new opportunity, so we wished her well and had to find new folks to step in to support this project. (We miss you, Sari!)
Our partners at Zaiss & Co. not only turned over a new name and rebranded to become Constellation Collective, but they also assigned a different team to manage the project internally.
Lastly, the Human Capital Lab itself made a big change, with a new director who would take over as host of the show.

With so many changes, sometimes it feels like we’re starting a brand new project.

And that is why the award is so special!

The award reminds us that we’ve already put a lot of time into developing this podcast concept- and that it has already impacted people!

So, even though we may need to revisit our workflow and develop new communication patterns for the new stakeholders, we’re thrilled to take this project to the next level.

Keep an eye out for new episodes in 2024!

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