Continuing the Journey: Personal Growth with Josh “Smilez” Wilborn

Continuing the Journey: Personal Growth with Josh “Smilez” Wilborn

In the journey of personal growth, there are many strategies that one can implement in one’s life to water one’s growth progress. However, one factor that often stands out as a game-changer is consistency. Our guest Josh “Smilez” Wilborn emphasizes, “personal growth for me is working on consistency.”

Consistency can be applied in various areas of life – whether you are looking to grow in your physical fitness journey, personal development, building relationships, or professional goals. Josh shares that he applies this principle in his daily activities, such as working out, reading more, listening to audiobooks, and working on his podcast and content. On top of these personal goals, he strives to be consistent in his roles as a friend and family member, continually showing up for those he cares about.

However, the path of consistency is not always a smooth one. There will be days when we may stumble, falter, or even feel like we are not making any progress at all. Life throws us curveballs, such as unemployment, mental health struggles, or even just low days where we might not feel like we are making any progress at all – but Josh advises us that it is important to give ourselves grace and time to work towards showing up for ourselves. Self-compassion and understanding are fundamental when we are striving for consistency. We must recognize that we are human, and it is okay to have off days.

Josh’s approach to consistency underscores the fact that personal growth is not a destination but a journey. It is about making a commitment to ourselves to keep striving for better, one day at a time. And, as we continue to show up for ourselves consistently, we will undoubtedly witness transformation and growth in all areas of our life.

If you want to tune into your journey and track your consistency, journalling helps you stick to your goals by keeping you in check. It’s like a personal coach in your pocket! Our Growth Journal Book makes it even easier with guided prompts and meditations. So grab your copy today, and let’s keep the growth going!

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