20 Years Gone But Not Forgotten: The Life of Debbie Campbell

20 Years Gone But Not Forgotten: The Life of Debbie Campbell

In the vast world of music, some talented souls remain unheard, their stories lost to time. Debbie Campbell, a radiant singer, songwriter, and performer, was one such hidden gem. 

Join us in commemorating the 20th anniversary of the passing of this Tulsa legend. This special event takes place on Feb 29 at the historic Tulsa Little Theatre, a night filled with storytelling, archival video, and live music performances.

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Debbie, born in 1950 in Fort Worth Texas, embarked on a remarkable journey in her teen years as part of the all-girl 1960’s group, the Kandy Kanes. In the 1970’s, she glimpsed national stardom with the band Buckwheat. Settling in Tulsa in 1974, she became an integral part of the signature Tulsa Sound and went on to be a beacon of the local music scene and the greater Tulsa community until her passing on Feb 28, 2004.

**The Untold Story Unveiled:**

Debbie Campbell’s career, like many regional stars of her era, faded before the internet could capture her essence. However, thanks to producer Lynz Floren’s backstage access and personal connection as her stepson, we have the opportunity to unveil the exciting life story of this overlooked artist. Lynz is delving into her rich archive of audio and video recordings, conducting interviews with those who knew and played music with her. This effort unfolds in the Rediscovering Debbie Campbell podcast, where her extraordinary life story comes to life.

**A Multimedia Experience:**

This event promises more than just a podcast episode; it’s a multimedia experience. From captivating interviews and stories to thrilling archival recordings, you’ll be immersed in the world of Debbie Campbell. 

Event Highlights:

  • 🎙️ Stage Production: Featuring storytelling, archival video, and live music performances, offering an immersive experience into Debbie’s captivating journey.
  • 🎪 Pop-Up Debbie Museum: Doors open at 5:30 pm, giving you a chance to explore a curated exhibit showcasing Debbie’s life and career.

**Celebrating a Musical Soul:**

Debbie Campbell’s versatility as a singer in bands, a solo performer, and a gifted songwriter deserves recognition. This event is a celebration of her contributions to the music world. Let’s come together to honor and remember this remarkable artist whose radiance continues to echo through her art.

Supporting Debbie’s Legacy:

All proceeds from this event contribute to bringing Debbie’s story to life through the Rediscovering Debbie Campbell podcast, a documentary film, and a book. Your presence and support help us celebrate the legacy of a true Tulsa icon.

Stay tuned for more details, including confirmed participants and performers, as we continue to unveil the magic of Debbie Campbell’s life.

**Spread the Word:**

Help us spread the word about this extraordinary event. Share this blog, tag your friends, and use #DebbieCampbellEvent to let music enthusiasts know about the rediscovery happening on February 29th. Let’s ensure that Debbie Campbell’s legacy finds its way into the hearts of those who appreciate the beauty of forgotten melodies.

Join us on February 29th as we rediscover, celebrate, and honor the timeless music of Debbie Campbell. Don’t miss out on this unique experience that promises to be a highlight in the history of musical rediscovery. 

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